The Mobile Coffee Box

Out of This World , Bean me up, Scotty !

It is easy to say you make great coffee, we do, our customers tell us so, time after time. Every drink we serve is individually handcrafted to personal taste with love and care.

Our coffee journey began in 2015 with a vintage coffee cart called The Barista Bike

Using the knowledge and experience we had gained, we launched the Mobile Coffee Box in 2018, a uniquely designed coffee cart, quick to set-up, with only a small footprint.

The Mobile Coffee Box is deceptively large on the inside, with the ability to serve a wide range of drinks you would normally only find in an artisan coffee shop. A coffee cart with a difference!

In 2021 we added a small coffee bar on wheels which has proved to be the perfect solution to reach any indoor location.

We can setup virtually anywhere and move quickly from location to location, no water or power required. The perfect solution for TV and film craft services.

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Mission Checklist: OTW Coffee

100% deliciousness, guaranteed
Freshest ingredients
Ethically sourced coffee beans, roasted to perfection
Sustainable and environmentally aware
Bespoke service, catering to your every need
Professionally trained and experienced baristas.
Passionate about serving great coffee
5 Star food hygiene rating

TV/Film Craft Services

We aim to provide the best quality craft service available, anywhere in the UK, 24/7, whether on location or at a studio.



Our commitment is to be a sustainable business which makes a positive contribution to our environment and community.


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