The Mobile Coffee Box

Our mission, to provide the best craft service in the galaxy.

We aim to serve a genuinely delicious coffee, that is Out of This World.

Freshly roasted coffee beans, ground to order, with each drink, individually handcrafted to personal taste.

Our coffee journey began in 2015 with a vintage coffee cart called The Barista Bike

Many espressos later, we used our knowledge and experience to design The Mobile Coffee Box. It is quick to set-up, has only a 3m x 2m footprint, and can be self-sufficient.

Just like the TARDIS, the Mobile Coffee Box is much bigger on the inside. From our little box, we can serve a surprisingly wide range of gourmet drinks and snacks suitable for all dietary requirements. The ideal way to maintain energy levels and keep your creative juices flowing.

Mission Checklist: OTW Coffee

100% deliciousness, guaranteed
Freshest ingredients
Ethically sourced coffee beans, roasted to perfection
Sustainable and environmentally aware
Bespoke service, catering to your every need
Professionally trained and experienced baristas.
Passionate about serving great coffee
5 Star food hygiene rating

TV/Film Craft Services

We aim to provide the best quality craft service available, anywhere in the UK, 24/7, whether on location or at a studio.



Our commitment is to be a sustainable business which makes a positive contribution to our environment and community.


Contact Us

Interested? Please get in touch. We could on be on our way (at warp speed) to serve some exceptional coffee and drinks at your next shoot.