What We Do

Ethically sourced coffee beans from Winchester Coffee Roasters are used within weeks of roasting. We use a blend of Columbian, Brazilian and Sumatra beans that produce a great espresso with a naturally sweet taste, especially when blended with milk. Let us know if you prefer a single-origin, we can tailor our service to your individual requirements.

Caring for the environment has always been critically important to us from the day we started. We encourage the use of reusable cups and actively look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Milks - Dairy or Non-Dairy.
We can use whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or lactose free dairy milks. As a Vegan specialist we can supply a range of non-dairy milks such as oat, hemp, soya, almond and coconut.

Vegan, Gluten Free
We go to vegan fairs across the UK serving a range of coffees, hot chocolates and teas made with non-dairy milks. We can cater for any dietary requirements.

Builders, Earl Grey, fruity or herbal. We offer a range of refreshing teas to suit all tastes.

Hot Chocolate
Velvety smooth and truly delicious. 100% finest Belgian chocolate, as used by the best chocolatiers. Our customers are normally left speechless but then say "wow".

Our coffee tastes great on its own but we offer caramel, hazelnut or vanilla syrups as standard plus seasonal specials to add a little extra flavour.

Hot or Cold
Iced coffees or teas can be made fresh to order either with or without milk.

Cakes, biscuits and nibbles.
We can provide a wonderful selection of tasty treats for a fully loaded buffet or grab and go snacks. All are carefully selected, homemade or from local independent bakeries where possible. Our brownies are from a top secret supplier, genuinely the "best ever".

Professionally Trained Baristas
Coffee is more than "just coffee". Our baristas are professionally trained to dial in a great espresso and texture milk to perfection. We can offer a complete espresso menu and specialise in making each coffee as individually requested.

We are based in Bournemouth, close to the border between Dorset and Hampshire with quick access to the main road network. Our mobile coffee service is primarily in London and the South but we also cover the whole of the UK and have even ventured into Europe. A few places we have been; London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, Amsterdam, Marlow, Lymington and the New Forest.


Mobile Coffee Services


We aim to provide the best quality craft service available, anywhere in the UK, 24/7, whether on location or at a studio.

Mobile Coffee Services


Quality coffee is becoming a wedding essential. Would you like a bland filter coffee or barista made cappuccino, flat white or caramel latte?

Mobile Coffee Services


Often under-estimated but offering the best coffee to clients and colleagues is a genuine "win win". Great coffee will leave a lasting impression.